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Thank you for letting us stay
Sometimes I lose my mind
But you know me
I always manage to keep what nobody needs
Like when you'd rest your tanned hides against the door frame
And the Black Walnut trees and the Sumac and Starlings were lost in the swell of the creek
And I leaned back like a woman, baptized in the river of Styx

Oh silly rabbit, sometimes everyone gets tricked

The Museum of Natural History with its new blood and fur and ivory
Left me wanting to know so much more of this world
But you know me, I always manage to leave what I most need
Like when the ice broke and the lake, it did swallow you whole
And the Black Walnut trees and the Sumac is gone and the Starlings fled from the East
And we're caught in the drifts now but we’re headin’ to Mexico City

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